First commission, Ezio Auditore for Ananaskeksi :)


sometimes i wonder how werewolf couples even manage to make children


The Kenways | Shirtless

Assassin’s Creed x Panoramas 




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Just imagine Ziio scratching a spot behind Werewolf!Haytham’s ear and then his leg does the thing.


"I’m fine… it’s fine… I - I was just, uh, laying on the floor…" - Edward Kenway

So the drunk Captain Pissoff has his own tag now…


next on investigate discovery: stalked


Finished my own custom ac3 tomahawk before bed lastnight, came up a treat!
Tomahawks will soon be available for purchase, enquire to my facebook page

Thomas: Wait! Them bodies is sure to have loot on ‘em. Would be a shame to let it all go to waste.

Charles: Are you mad?! In case you’d forgotten, we’re in the midst of something.

Thomas: Aww. Why you always got to go spoil the sport?

sorry I’ve not been on a lot lately. internet’s being STUPID and loading  Tumblr slowly, so reblogs won’t come as quickly. aksldjghk still here though! (‘:

I’m mostly on this blog right now being an idiot, so if you want to get in contact with me, just punch my ask box in the face


"Your death opens a door. It’s nothing personal. Well, maybe it is a little personal. You’ve been a pain in my ass, after all." - Haytham Kenway

video game characters that i love