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I’ll keep you safe. || Acre

G i v e  m e  n a m e s.  I’ l l  g i v e  y o u  b l o o d.


Goldenmask’s Endless List of Amazing Video Game Characters [72/?]

Achilles Davenport  |  Assassin’s Creed 3

"In your haste to save the world, boy - take care you don’t destroy it!"


Rogue and Unity will make me cry salty tears, I already know that.

"I knew your mother well. She was a friend and an ally….there is much of her in you.”


made this one, and I don’t know if I’ll edit this :3

Lil Ratonhnhaké:ton and Kaniehtí:io <3

❄ - -- got everything to lose

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my queue ran out a long time ago didn’t it?
hi I’m still alive and in college (:

I will make you proud old man.